Inclusive Pricing

Here at Twisted Hippo we use an All-Inclusive pricing model. (I know. Supes European, right?) It takes some folks a minute to get used to, so let us explain how it works and why we’re doing it. Trust us, it’s actually quite simple!

All-Inclusive Pricing means what you see is what you pay. Prices include the government’s cut and provide fair wages and benefits for staff. You’ll find with a little mathing that the pricing reflected is about what you would pay at the end of a traditionally priced restaurant visit. Tipping is not expected, although always appreciated. You just come here and enjoy yourself – we’ll take care of the rest.

Here at Twisted Hippo, we pride ourselves of trying to do things sustainably and ethically; that includes paying our employees fair wages, providing health insurance and paid time off, too. Everyone on our service team is important, and their contributions to your experience are invaluable, so we treat them that way.

What that means for you is that you walk in, you see a price, and you pay that price. Period. Meanwhile, our hard-working staff gets to go home and pay their rent and utility bills, go to the doctor when they need to, takes paid time off, and generally have a stable paycheck, whatever the season or guest count.

Wait. No gratuity? What if I don’t like my service? Will we make mistakes? Sure. We may be Hippos, but we’re human. And we’re committed to correcting any mistakes in real time to give you the best experience possible.

If you have any concerns about your experience at Twisted Hippo, we want to make it right, right now. We have a manager on staff at all times who can address any issues you may have with your service or your order. And if you’re feeling shy, we are always available via email (info@twistedhippo.com) and we’ll route accordingly.

We’re here to make sure our guests enjoy themselves, and we’re happy to make any problem our guests point out a positive, corrective experience. When you help us solve a problem, you’re really doing everyone a favor. We appreciate our staff, and we appreciate you, too! Even when things go wrong, it’s a real love-fest over here.

Twisted Hippo