Ballooner Weisse

Ballooner Weisse

Berliner Weisse

A little departure from our Gose series, we’ve changed things up a bit and brewed a traditional Berliner Weisse, a beer known for its delicate harmony between tart and bready notes. Our version is a quenching, sessionable tribute to the style with a slightly tart body giving way to a wheat-tinged finish.

While the base is delicious by itself, we are also offering syrup options that compliment the base beer and create new flavor combos (a common practice in Germany where the style originated).

  • ABV: 3.2%
  • IBU: 4
  • SRM: 2

All the Brunch, Pretzels, Cheese Curds, Edamame Hummus, Garden or Cobb Salad

Lightly sour beers, tart & quenching sessionable brews, flavor experimentalists

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