Donation Request

Twisted Hippo cares about our community in Chicago and its surrounding areas, and hopes to be able to help you with your event and/or fundraiser by way of a donation of beer, gift certificate, or possibly a brewery experience. We do not provide cash donations.

However, we can’t ALWAYS do so depending on the number of requests we have in a given month. So best to get in touch to see what’s what and for when, and in the meantime READ THE INFO BELOW for all of the important particulars.

First things first: We get quite a few requests for donations and sponsorships, so please give us some time to reply let alone coordinate a donation. Further, we ask that requests are submitted at least 30 days prior to your event or fundraiser, since donations cannot be expedited. In addition, someone from your organization will have to pick up the donation from our taproom. If all that makes sense for your organization, read on!

What can we provide donations for?
We’re big nerds at heart, but also care deeply about people and our planet, so…

  • Educational, environmental, humane and scientific organizations
  • Health and human service providers including children’s organizations
  • Religious groups (all denominations)
  • Cultural and artistic institutions and organizations
  • Business associations, generally
  • Family foundations, generally
  • Non-profits must be registered!

We don’t really provide free stuff for…

  • For-profit organizations, company parties and events, business events, etc.
  • Donation requests from an organization to which we’ve provided donations in the same year

IF you don't have the specific date yet, just give us the proposed dates or at least the month in the notes below.