What is Pinky?

On the one hand, Pinky is our mascot, but the question really is who is Pinky?

Let’s give you some deets…

Full name: Pinklesworth T. Hipposford

Pinky is a hippo, of course, but also totally NOT a hippo. Pinky is a (very) pink mythological creature that has horns, a pig tail, and wings. Pinky is neither she nor he. Pinky is all of ours.

Pinky simply is.

You’ll see Pinky in a lot of forms all around our Taproom and Eatery in Chicago, as well as on our bottles, cans, and promotional items out in the world.

And for every Pinky that you see, it’s sort of the tip of the iceberg. There are and forever will be SO many forms of Pinky. Curious to see some of them? Check our our Pinky’s Up page under Art Lounge.

What’s your Pinky?